TeamViewer: Licensing Overview


The use of TeamViewer within FileWave is limited by the permissions of the particular administrator, and by the number of available TeamViewer licenses within the account.


Whenever we want to use TeamViewer, we'll need to have a license available for the FileWave administrator.  Each TeamViewer license is assigned to one and only one FileWave administrator, and that assignment can only be changed once every 6 months.  As an example, if one month ago you assigned bsmith last month and pparker this month, then in 5 months you could give bsmith's license to someone else, and in 6 months you could give pparker's license to someone else. Given this, you'll want to be very careful with license assignments.  Each customer will have at least 1 TeamViewer license to work with.  Additional licenses are available for purchase for additional admins.


To actually assign a TeamViewer license to an admin, you'll use the Native Administrator → Assistants → Manage Administrators menu.  You can also see how many licenses you have in that same settings area. Specific instructions for license assignment can be found here