FileWave Kiosk IPA Re-write


With FileWave 14.6, the Native Kiosk for iOS / iPadOS (Enterprise IPA) has been rewritten. The App Portal itself is unchanged , and is still the same pre-existing html-based application, but the Native part of the application has been completely rewritten to comply with iOS and iPadOS 15.


Historically we only used the enterprise IPA of the FileWave Kiosk when we wanted to geo-locate devices all of the time.  But now, with the integration of TeamViewer, this IPA serves the additional purpose of enabling that tool.

How Did It Change?

Most relevant changes:

  • The application is now using Swift 5 instead of Objective C on top of Cordova Library
  • It is built against iOS 12 and 13 SDK - which means that the minimum supported version is iOS 12
  • Originally built in the days of iOS 8, the previous Native Application had to workaround the limitations of the system, especially when it came to reporting location.  The new application uses recent features from iOS 13 to run in the background (Note: As Background Tasks have been introduced with iOS 13, devices running iOS 12 will report location less frequently if the application is not in the foreground).
  • The application also complies with the new permission system, which means:
    • The application asks for Notification permission (required for Team Viewer integration) and to connect to local network:
    • The application asks, if device is set to be tracked, about permission for Localization, where Location Services is enabled:
    • When leaving the application, the device asks if the app can retrieve location even in the background and run background tasks:
    • And, all of these permissions can be changed by the user of the device:

As always, it is best practice to make sure all device tracking policies are published in an employee or student handbook for clarity. i.e. under what circumstances device tracking may be used, etc.

Location Tracking

Location Services and App Tracking is, by Apple design, a user choice.  Users may disable either individual Apps or Location Services as a whole from providing tracking data.  Where users disallow, no tracking data will be sent from the device.