swiftDialog + FileWave macOS Fileset status notifications

Note that this page describes a 3rd party item that is not supported by FileWave Support, but is shared here to help the FileWave community.


Posted in MacAdmin Slack this is a script in GitHub produced by a FileWave customer that uses swiftDialog for the purposes of showing progress while configuring a machine. Over time the info below will change so check out the GitHub link below for both swiftDialog and the script from Andre.

swiftDialog + FileWave

  • swiftDialog Script with FileWave integration

  • https://github.com/andredb90/dialog-scripts/tree/main/FileWave

  • Download, install and configuration

  • Use --filewave to parse fwcld.log and provide useful information during deployment

  • Use --filewave-list to automatically add installer packages to the list while still showing progress information.

  • Use --ms365 to install the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 Apps directly from Microsoft.

Please be aware that FileWave environments and deployment strategies can be very different. What works for me doesn't necessarily work for you. As always: Test, test, test!

Based on: Adam Codega (@adamcodega)'s MDMAppsDeploy and officeinstallProgress.

Check out Adam's repository for other useful dialog scritps: https://github.com/acodega/dialog-scripts

When using the --ms365 argument, the script will automatically add Microsoft Office 365 to the top of the list and show progress for the installation. This is escpecially useful during the initial enrollment, because it allows us to install the Microsoft Office Suite while FileWave is still downloading associated FileSets. The script will continue looking for additional datapoints from the list and mark them as complete accordingly.



swiftDialog is an open source admin utility app for macOS 11+ written in SwiftUI that displays a popup dialog, displaying the content to your users that you want to display.

swiftDialog's purpose is as a tool for Mac Admins to show informative messages via scripts, and relay back the users actions.

The latest version can be found on the Releases page

Detailed documentation and information can be found in the Wiki