Important: Changes to our Knowledge Base (KB)

Bookmark & Link Update:

  • All bookmarks directed to will no longer function on or about January 15, 2024.

  • FW Central and Anywhere contain direct links to the KB, and these will be updated in versions 15.1.0 and 15.2.0, but older versions may have 404 errors. We’ve taken steps to make sure this never happens again by adding a URL Shortener to abstract the URLs. You’ll start to see links like , , and similar used in product and our emails making it easier to fix links should one ever be broken.

  • Starting July 29th, 2023 we will be archiving any articles here that are not tied to FW Central or Anywhere to decrease the chance that someone would use this KB for more than is needed.

What to Expect from the New KB:

We're excited to share the following improvements and features:

  • Each article has been meticulously transferred, ensuring accuracy, but we will continue to review and update articles.

  • A landing page that explains where things are located.

  • We’re starting to publish Best Practices Playbooks with a new one coming shortly on Device Refresh.

  • The API documentation has been thoroughly revamped.

  • The wonderchat AI bot has been integrated to simplify your search in any language. Give it a try by clicking the blue icon at the bottom right! In the process of integrating we made this OSS project: jlevitsk/wonderchat-helper: A CLI for using the API to update ChatBots (

  • Articles have been logically reorganized for improved navigation.

  • You can now comment on articles by logging in with your SSO credentials (Please note, the notification system is currently under development and will be available by year's end).

  • Enhanced RSS feeds are available for subscription, ensuring you're alerted when articles are created or updated.

We hope you're as eager as we are about this significant KB upgrade, designed to streamline your experience.